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Ready to build something [awesome] ?


Are you frustrated by how much you need to get done to effectively run your business?  By how much time and committment projects like managing social media, developing email campaigns or even plan your participation in trade shows, can take from actually RUNNING your business?


Are you fed-up with being bombarded with marketing opportunities and are not sure which is

right for you and your business?


Do you want to see if your current marketing efforts are REALLY working?  And if they're not, do you want to know what you can do about it?


Let me help.

"Working with Nora at Nora Ann Marketing was the best thing I could have done for my business. She took the time to sit with me face to face to gather information regarding what I’m about and what I want people to see when they look at my website. She captured my personality perfectly and made sure the website was incredibly user friendly. I would highly recommend Nora Ann Marketing to anyone looking to improve the look and functionality of their website, and anyone looking to improve online traffic. Nora Ann Marketing worked miracles for my small business." 


-Samantha @ FIT Massage LLC.


You haven't needed any additional marketing support until now, but you're not sure where to start.


You need a Marketing Strategy consult.  

We spend time on the phone or via skype, talking about your fabulous business and how awesome you are and how you think you need to start marketing yourself.


Together we will:

Develop a kick-ass, completely customized marketing strategy that outlines your goals and objectives, defines your audience and target personas and takes a look at your major competitors.  I will do the research, and the tough thinking and then wrap it up in a pretty bow and deliver it as a one-stop document for you to work from.

Everything from managing digital and print messages and maintaining the back end content of your

website to managing your tradeshow marketing strategy, I have over 10 years of doing it all, and doing it well.



You have a strategy that you wrote [or perhaps had written..long ago] and now you're not sure how to take action.


You need a Tactical Marketing planning session.  

This is the nitty-gritty.  This is where we break down your objectives and goals into little, bitty, yummy ACTIONABLE pieces so that you can easily implement them.  If social is where you need to be, we figure out what you need to do to get there.  If you need more relevant content, we brainstorm ideas and ways to get it done.


Together we will:

Create a customized step-by-step tactical marketing plan that will knock your socks off and leave your competitors in the dust.

You have a strategy and a plan but need someone to manage the projects and campaigns.


You need a Marketing Project Manager.  

If you need someone to set-up and continuously monitor and interact on your social platforms, I'm your girl.  

If you need a new website and are not sure where to start, I'm your girl.  

If you're developing a new product catalog (digital or print) and are looking for a great designer, copyeditor and project manager all in one, I'm your girl.  


Together we will:

Figure out where we need to start to get the best bang for your buck.  Need to set-up accounts for your social media presence? [check] I can do that.  

Need a new website; everything from format, layout, flow, design and coding to launch and communicating? [check] I can do that.  

LinkedIn set-up and training, Facebook set-up and monitoring, Twitter set-up and interaction, Google+ set-up and introductions.  If you're social and need it all, I can do it.


You have a website, recently started a campaign or launched a product but have no clue on how to measure your results, or how to capture your leads.


You need an Analytics & Measurement Pro.  

I'll set-up some really cool tools and show you how to see your conversions, your impressions and what to do with all of the info.  If you'd prefer to not do it yourself, I'll work with you on a schedule that meets your business needs to extract the information and use it to sell more! 

Like what you're reading?  

Let's Talk!

no obligation, no worries!

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