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If you're an agency then you are buSSSay!  I totally get it.  You have tons of clients, or you're maxxed out with a few really awesome clients that you give your 110% attention to all.of.the.time.  


Do you need help?  Would you want someone who can take some of the weight off your shoulders; someone who knows what your client wants and also knows how much copy is too much;

that the one sided brochure covered in filtered shots of your store front just.won't.look.good;

that a broken link on your website is no;

that it takes a lot to keep a client happy and to understand their business almost better than they do.  


I've been on the client side.  


I'm tapped into their brain and understand where they are coming from.  I know that they are looking for your proposal yesterday; are thinking you cost WAY too much, and I know exactly what a client is looking for from their agency.  I know how to represent you, as a trusted resource for your client, as a partner who has their back, all while being creative and understanding their brand and audience sometimes better than they do.


What can I do for you?


       Client Relations and Account Management (the go-to for the client, fielding all requests so you don't have to)

       Corporate branding strategy and workshop sessions

       Social media strategy and tactical planning

       Social Media account set-up and monitoring

       Social media training

       Website CMS management and basic SEO planning

       Email Campaign development and implementation

       Campaign measurement and analytic tracking

       Customer survey development and design

       Market research (you know you don't love doing this..but I do!)

       Competitive Analysis

       Client list management

       Trade show, conference and event planning (soup to nuts, full event service)



Agencies =

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